Sunday, September 11, 2011


I'd like to use the old adage much water has flown under the bridge for this post of mine. It is still a good one to use for such a case. Our food habits changed drastically and not sure when it will be back or if it ever will. When the number one consumer of my food, my husband, opted not to take salty, spicy, greasy food anymore it did not take me much to join the bandwagon. High BP is the issue and while many have told us low sodium diet does not mean salt free diet we feel prudent in staying without salt due to the BP ridden ancestors on his side of the family. And what a bargain! We cook almost everyday now. The taste of unadulterated fresh prepared food is an experience in itself. Low sodium is probably better than salt free, but in true Gandhari fashion I refuse to touch salt except for sprinkling a little on my rice some of the days. My husband is amazed at my compliance especially since a recent checkup prior to all this gave me a clean bill of health from the usual culprits of BP, cholesterol, sugar and the likes. Since this state of affairs is not sustainable I'll wait a bit more before a food post to see how far we will keep this up and how it will evolve over time.

The pictures are from a nature hike we did during a much wanted few days away from it all. We visited the absolutely beautiful Squaw Valley this summer. There was the clean and shining Lake Tahoe on one side and the beautiful expansive ski mountains (almost alpine) on the other!