Sunday, March 20, 2016

Garden News 2016

The Nasturtium seeds I had leftover from last year finally found their destiny in the soil a few weeks back on a good day. A good day in the vocabulary of the working mom points to that special weekend day with no kid activities which then aligns with great outdoors weather. The sun should be shining benevolently, not malevolently and there should be a gentle breeze to cool the tired gardener etc.. you get the idea. So there was such a day and that was the day of liberation for the nasturtium seeds as well as the little bag of onion seeds donated by a warm hearted colleague. Both are coming up well and my herbs are always a pleasure. I had plans to plant a dwarf lime tree in a half wine barrel this year but that may remain just a plan for now.

These little plants are a welcome sight when I come home in the evening after picking the kids up from their respective schools. It was exciting each day to see the head of new little plant peeking out of the ground. I am still keeping a lookout for the few that are missing down there. Can't wait for them to flower.

This sturdy rosemary, artsy lemon thyme and delicate cilantro makeup my mini herb garden. Rosemary is ever present and dependable in all weather. Cilantro must be in season now I think which could be why it decided to come up to greet the spring. Hello buddy! Lemon thyme is great with any baked meat preparations and is available almost all the time.

I am hoping these onions will grow up to take care of our cooking needs this year. We shall see.

Ginger dog happened when I was getting a piece for the coconut chutney that was to go with idly. I added the small piece for the hind leg to get the full effect. Molu said this picture is the most effective among the bunch I took. Woof! Woof!