Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Hope those of you who are celebrating had their birds and getting ready for the busiest shopping day of the year. Though I had to login to work today, I managed to do some preparations for the one day late Thanksgiving lunch at our home tomorrow. Will add pictures once I have them. These are the berries I saw on a tree on one of my walks at work. Picked some out for the Thanksgiving decorations. Hope the tree and the owners didn't mind. They looked so awesome and colorful that I just couldn't resist...

Sunday, November 2, 2014


What is it about a rainy day that tugs at your heart strings so gently, yet with persistence? Yes, if you grew up in Kerala you cannot escape this feeling of comfort when you hear the familiar
pitter patter of rain drops. Suddenly you wish you were home instead of at work, with a warm cup of coffee in hand and looking outside through the open patio door at falling streams of rain. So it was that I awoke to a rain drenched Saturday morning in drought stricken California and saw these droplets on my recently planted flower bed. Er.. this is the old veggie bed now turned conveniently into a flower bed since we are Ok however they turn out to be. It is great to see the plants growing and thriving this close to winter days. I know we have some marigolds in there but I have forgotten what other seeds my girl and I planted one fine sunny day a few weeks back. Will put up a picture if they manage to blossom and fill our eyes with beauty.

Work is a wild horse that gallops at full speed despite genuine needs of our lives. So what is one to do other than to get on and try to tame it with your legs since you don't have the reins? I was happy to get a mildly peaceful weekend where I could actually smell the roses instead of rushing to the next planned activity or sitting down to login to work. Took some pictures and then I wanted to show them off. Hey, that is why you have a blog. Right? Enjoy! I will be back with the rest of Italia when time finally decides to listen to me.

I noticed that lately none of my comments are displayed even after I try a few times. Not even in my own blogs! So till I figure out the mystery, know that I do read your blogs, posts, comments.