Saturday, March 9, 2013

Happy New Year!

Nope,  I am not lost in time. This is the first post of this lazy year and I reserve the right to wish you all a Happy New Year! Hope it is going well so far. Also wanted to make a note on the 5th blog anniversary which came and went unnoticed on Jan 16th, 2013.

So.... the trip to India went well and we are back in the rat race as if that was a dream. Great to see my Mom after so long. She is her cheerful busy self which is a relief at this age. This December was not all that in terms of weather in Kerala. Sweat was pouring down the entire body anytime we had to be outside. Coming back to sunny California was another jolt. We were welcomed by one of the coldest weird weather fronts in recent history. Now I understand what it means to go 'from the frying pan into the burning fire'. Only in our case it was, 'from the steaming pot into the freezing chamber'. So I decided to chill (pun intended) and hibernate. But every gopher has to come up for air one day. Er.. The kids and I saw some gophers doing just that on the library grounds on a recent trip. So here I am but having no pictures I cannot yet post anything.

I just replaced my laptop with a new one and the pictures I had on the old one are yet to be uploaded here. I am almost done with the taxes though. What else? I finally learned to make a decent 'chicken noodle soup' that the kids deemed passable. The recipe came from the lunch lady at the kids's school. Her recipe is very easy to make and the ingredients readily available in the Grocery store. I have yet to snap a picture but the very memory of the warm, filling soup on a cold winter night is making me want to prepare another batch soon. It is time to start the veggie garden but I find myself hesitant to step out of the house. It is not as cold now but the mental block is still there. Maybe I'll grow some herbs on the window sill as I'd been promising myself. I'll soon be back with some pictures.