Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy Holidays!

There is no evidence of food since I couldn't get pictures before they finished. You'll just have to take my word for it. I do however have a picture of our house all lighted up for Christmas. You will of course note the natural light provided from up above to accentuate the whole effect.

So Thanksgiving went by. We had turkey at a friend's place and we made turkey at home the next day because both my kids just love it. This year I made fruitcake for home and family. All finished and shipped. Kids don't like this very much though. Neighbors delivered delicious cakes and so we've been having a sweet fest this holiday season. My HAunt has e-mailed me her cheesecake recipe which is to die for. I will post a pic and recipe once I make it. We've had some setbacks in terms of health in the immediate family. No, not the four of us but it is a source of sadness. By God's grace things seem to be contained now. Hope and pray this progress will continue.

It is almost time to put away the nativity set and dismantle the christmas tree but basic laziness and busy work schedule is interfering with best laid plans. Kids are off for their usual two weeks. I am happy to be mostly staying home with them even if I have to do some work from home to alleviate pressure buildup at work. Hope you are all having a good time during the holidays. I will leave you with the gingerbread house that my girl and her friend made on a playdate.