Monday, September 7, 2009

Easy, Breezy, Healthy Dessert

Ha! I had you there for a minute. Didn't I? I knew the 'healthy dessert' will get to you if the 'easy breezy' didn't:-) And true to my word, it is easy, breezy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnddd it is healthy. But only if you are a lover of banana like my Dad and honey like many in my family. Then we are in business. If not, why torture yourself? Just skip the post and go indulge yourself in a decadent sundae concoction since that is what you thought of when you heard 'dessert' anyway...

Every single day after a pleasant dinner, my Dad will wonder aloud at the table, "Do we have some small bananas around?" There always were a variety or two of the yummy little bananas at home and he was always a satisfied customer. I used to wonder at this habit and was not particularly fond of bananas after dinner. I do love them for other times as I have waxed high in previous posts. Don't worry. Although I feel some nostalgia trying to push through I'll keep a check on it today.

Needless to say I started to have the same craving as my Dad come dessert time. I think this goes hand in hand with the sweet tooth that I developed when having my babies. Anyway the lot fell to the omnipresent Chiquitas and once I hit on the art of slicing and eating them with a mouthful of honey, there was no looking back!

In the Mix

bananas - any variety will do. take as many as you want. 1/2 a banana is small fry if your spouse
is also a fan.
honey - enough to cover the bananas or to your tolerance

How To Do ( hey i am stickler to procedure and it does need some work:-))

Slice the bananas into little discs. Not too thin and not too thick. Gently pour the honey on top. Grab a fork. Find a comfy place to sit. Dig in!!

I think but not so sure that if you add some sugar or crystallized white sugar (kalkkand?) to this combo then it will become 'trimadhuram' or the tri-sweet 'prasadam' that you get in Hindu temples of course after going through the proper rites to make it so.