Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Nails!

What would you do if you are in middle school and you are going with family to watch the Super Bowl 50 game at a friend's place with a bunch of other family friends and you will all be just fine whichever team wins? You'd want to show your support for both the teams by paining your nails in the color of each of the teams! Yes that is what molu did as you can see here. When she couldn't find the right colors among her little stash of nail polish, she made do with non-toxic acrylic paint used for class projects. P for North Carolina Panthers in black, blue and silver with a football to boot on the ring finger nail. B for Denver Broncos in orange and navy with a football field on the ring finger where the game is played. Even if the navy here didn't quite cut to its true shade, I thought the whole thing was neat! I am also quite proud of the fact that I knew at least the name of the teams this time around!