Monday, November 26, 2012

Howdy Folks?

Ah..the long weekend was refreshing... I could use one of these every month. One can always wish. Eh? Roasted the bird and all the accompaniments. I am a little wary of snapping pictures when company is present since that could be seen as the telltale sign of a food blog:-) It is similar to feeling squirmy when I see a cop car on the road even if I am a law abiding and safe driver. Almost always! So no pictures at all but the turkey was the tastiest yet. Kids helped splendidly with potato peeling and cleaning the sink all in anticipation of the Thanksgiving dinner and I felt gratified. For why would I be doing all this if not for them? My son was quite content with the leftovers for the next two days! A cue to stop with the curries and start with the roasting? Don't know. We are going to India after a gap of 5 years. Looking forward to see the leap year changes happening in the old homeland. Main aim is to see the aging parents. Mom, HMom and Hdad are all excited and so are we. Going to India is never a vacation because of all the running around between two families. I am just afraid of saying "I need a vacation" on the first day back at work. The look on my boss's face: priceless:-) OK guys so I just came up to say hello and hope all of you are doing well and to wish you all wonderful holidays. i.e if I don't come up again until the New Year.