Thursday, August 15, 2013

PW's Key Lime Pie !

It is no secret that I am a fan of Pioneer Woman. Now that she is on Food Network, I have a little fan to watch it along with me. One of the episodes featured a quick Key Lime Pie and my girl wanted to make it. We could not find a recipe on PW's blog or on Food Network site. She wanted it so bad that she recorded the already recorded show using a tablet so we could watch it in the kitchen for instructions while making it! She had also entered the ingredients in her little book so we can shop for it. Family was visiting and HAunt & HCousin happily offered to help her in this pie making quest. They had fun making it and the end result was delicious as well as good looking! We will definitely be making it again. It is the perfect summer dessert. I wanted to put down the recipe here so next time we don't need need to hunt for that video. Thanks PW for an "OMG, it is sooooo good!" recipe. This recipe is halved and can make 6-7 cups. This is mostly an eye witness account and from hearsay as I had no part in making it.

In The Mix

for custard
fresh squeezed lime juice - 1/2 cup (not diluted with water)
sugar - 1 cup (or less if you are not a sweet tooth)
butter - 1 stick
eggs - 7

for crust 
graham crackers  - 6
sugar - half of  1/3 cup (1/6th cup)
butter - half of 1/3 cup (1/6th cup)

for the whipped cream
heavy cream - 3/4 cup
powdered sugar - 1/4 cup

How To Do

Heat the lime juice in a pan. Add the sugar and butter and let that melt in. Beat the eggs and add that in and wait for the custard to become thick and heavy. Set to cool. You can refrigerate it to fasten the process if needed.

Now we go for the crust. Crush the graham crackers. HAunt did this by crushing them in a ziplock bag using a rolling pin. Mix the sugar and butter with the crushed graham crackers in bowl. The resulting mix should be slightly crunchy without any lumps.

Now we are whipped away to the whipped cream. (In the words of my little chef who is dictating the recipe while mom is furiously typing away) First add the heavy cream into a mixer along with the powdered sugar. Mix together until nice and fluffy like a long haired cat's fur:-).

Done! Finito! Well not really. Time to pick a clear glass container and add each layer to make the mini pie. First add in the crust, then the custard on top of it and lastly the cream. Cover in plastic wraps and leave in the fridge to set. When dessert time comes get these beauties out, add some lime zest (we forgot this), get a spoon and dig in!