Friday, May 12, 2017

From The Garden

Starting with this cute little assorted corner in the backyard, I wanted to add the latest snaps of my curry leaf plant and the little lime tree in a barrel. The very sight of them, all clad in such pretty green, brings me joy every time I step out into the backyard these days.

I happened to have some garlic cloves that sprouted while in storage. Thought I'll plant a few in the lime tree barrel and was quite surprised to see them coming up so well there in the back if you can spot'em. The parsley and cilantro I had there are almost done but the poppies and other little flowering plants seem to be doing OK. Love seeing flowers come up in spring.

Didn't think the curry leaf would have survived through winter times! Have already harvested a few bunches form this nifty little group.  Hope to see them through the many winters. Spring is such a beautiful time!

We had quite a spectacular run of H's roses as always and a few of my nasturtiums from last year decided to show up as well. So beautiful! 


soulsearchingdays said...

Voww.. so beautiful.. I had been trying my hand on some plants, the marigolds came up very well and the papaya plant refuses to flower even after couple of years, seems to be a boy :)
Some spiderweb kind of a disease is happening to my plants, I had been trying organic disinfectants but no use..
so happy for you.. more flowers to you :)

lan said...

Thanks ss! I had marigolds one time. They are so pretty! Time to find a date for papaya boy:-) Not sure if get the soap solution brand called Dawn . If you do, the original version is pretty good to spray on plants to get rid of parasites. I had come over. There is so much to read. Will be back to read all of it but I make quick visits to feast my eyes on the 'champakka' (rose apple) pic you have there.

soulsearchingdays said...

Thanks lan, looking forward to your visit. Champakka.. I love, it seems you are also a fan. Yes the Papaya definitely seems to be a boy, another one which sprouted along with it also seems to be one :) ...:(

Vincy said...

Thank you for taking your readers through your little garden. I do have one too. mostly ornamental plants in pots and yes i do have an curry leaf plant from which i have harvested leaves. the only food i have grown so far. and imagine that goes out of the plate. :-) :-)

lan said...

ss, you have to hand pollinate that papaya:-). just kidding.

Thanks Vincy! Isn't it great to see them grow? The curry leaf I consider to be my garden trophy. I try to make my girl understand how proud a Malayali can be on seeing a thriving curry leaf plant. Touchwood! I want it to keep on thriving! Think of the flavor and nostalgic taste that curry leaf adds before leaving the plate:-)