Saturday, February 8, 2014

Back To The Basics

So while our landscaping was going on we had made two vegetable beds in the space where we had planted before. I was too impatient to wait till spring and so what you see up there are the easy-to-grow in cold weather plants. There are lettuce, onions, herbs etc. We also have flower bulbs in one section but only some have come up so far. My daughter and I did the planting and she was eager to sprinkle on some carrot seeds too. Guess who peeked out to greet the sun this week! I hope they will grow enough so I can replant them properly. We are learning as we do.

My son's 8th grade teacher has give them a requirement to rack up volunteer hours every quarter. He had a spot at the Library but now that the lady has gone on a maternity break that has stopped. So we heard about this farm from his school as a good place for volunteering and visited it. This duck like bird was hiding in the compost bin. Cute Eh? My son discovered her. Me thinks the lady is incubating.

So it is that the four of us are going farming next Saturday guys! I balked when they suggested cleaning the animals and I hope we will get some fun chores first like feeding the animals and gardening. Even though I grew up in a farm and shamelessly enjoyed all the benefits, my contribution to farming was limited. I did enjoy going with my Mom and visiting the cows when they got back in the evening after a full day of grazing. She had pet names for them like 'sumalatha', 'pushparani' 'kochammini' etc. Since one of her pet names for me was 'ammini' I assume she loved them ladies much too. She and my oldest brother has the greenest thumbs but I am going to beat them. Hey, a girl can always hope.


soulsearchingdays said...

lan, every time i see your gardening I go green, with envy :)I can imagine the goodies you are going to reap out of that cute little sprouts.. and yes what is a girl with out her hope eh?
take care

lan said...

thanks ss! you go green too:-)