Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pictures From The Farm

This gorgeous guy greeted us at the farm where we went volunteering this weekend. My daughter took this picture for me after painstakingly following him around wherever he went. Many of his buddies could be seen wandering around the farm along with the roosters and hens. The following picture gives us the root for the moniker 'peacock blue'. It is the same guy by the way.

 We reached there by 8AM and started planting seeds for the spring. There were these little plastic cells that we filled with potting soil, dampened with water, made little holes and placed one little seed in each and covered it all up. At the end we made tag posts for each of the seeds we planted and staked them inside the cells so we know what is coming up. There were different kinds of tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. We will be going back next weekend too since my son needs a few more hours to fulfill his requirements. This time though I think it will be a little more involved as we will be cleaning up after the farm animals and feeding them. I can't says I am looking forward to the cleaning part of it. I was surprised to know that my son didn't have an issue. Must be all that litter clean up they are doing for our much loved kitty cat. A good side effect!

See these two guys living in the farm. One is exotic and so is kept in a cage and the other is not so exotic and therefore free to move around. I think both of them look great. Don't you?

 Here is the goose who seems to be the queen of the farm. She loves the farm person who was helping to set us up. Apparently if she sees anyone talking to him she will come and peck at them and generally want them to move away from him. Very possessive, this one! It was hilarious to watch. I didn't know geese can be like that.

 After an hour and a half of hard work (not!) the kids played on the play structure while we walked around the farm. Then we thought we deserve some breakfast and treated ourselves to a cafe nearby. Had to take a snap of the cool pattern that was on the latte.


soulsearchingdays said...

Vow!! beautiful would be an understatement, it is magnificent, marvellous....peacock in all its glory. The goose story is hilarious, she looks beautiful too.. the orange beak and all. Keep the posts coming.
take care

lan said...

thanks ss! there were many but this one took an interest in what we were doing and had the longest feathers ever. they are so beautiful.

Reflections said...

The pictures of the peacock are gorgeous. The geese's antics are so cute:-); I remember a rooster at our church, used to keep all the hens and chick under strict supervision & pecked them till they toed the line but possessiveness towards a human is a first;-o.
The picture of the latte is really cool and coincidently I received a video on whtsapp just yesterday showing the hand movements made to make these patterns....really really coool:-)).

lan said...

thanks nance. wish i could've see that rooster with his brood:-) my girl wanted to know how to make that pattern and we looked it up on you tube. all attempts at making it has not been successful so far. we blame the small cups we have and the absence of a good milk frother:-)